Let's answer some of those q's! 

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Got some Q's? I've got A's!

Unless you've been married 15 times, you've probably got a couple of questions!

So, check out a few frequently asked questions below. It'll hopefully answer all of those burning questions, or maybe just a couple of things you're curious about.


Do wedding photographers travel for weddings?

Yes! I often venture out of sunny Essex for weddings. I travel up and down the country, and abroad for destination weddings and elopements too. So, whether its the Cotswolds, London, the Amalfi Coast or the Scottish Highlands, get in touch!

Do you have to pose for wedding photos?

I'll take your photo how I'd want mine to be taken. . .and I hate having my photo taken. There's no awkward posing or anything cheesy. I'll just ask you guys to chat away, be smiley, and maybe pretend to laugh at my jokes occasionally.

I also don't believe in taking you away from your guests for an hour long shoot and keeping you away from the party. After the ceremony we'll do a quick 10-15 minute shoot, then maybe another 5 minutes after dinner for some sunset pics, and then a quick couple of night time snaps if you fancy it. That's all you need!

How many weddings do you shoot every year?

I try to cap it at around 30 weddings a year. I like to limit the number of weddings I photograph so that I can give my all to each wedding. And I don't want to rush the editing either, each photo deserves the same amount of time and attention.

Are wedding photography packages set in stone?

Not at all. If you want to add an extra hour of coverage to Package One, or a Second Photographer to Package Two, then go for it! You can build your own package to suit your day and what you need.

Are there any hidden costs?

Nope. Nothing. There's no hidden costs, no surprise VAT charge, nothing unexpected.

Will you take natural/candid photos of our wedding guests and us?

Yep! Loads of them! The bulk of my day is spent documenting the wedding day and everything that's happening, capturing those little moments you might miss.

Do wedding photographers take group photos?

Of course! I don't post many group shots on my website just because they look a little bit more formal, and I try to keep everything natural and candid. But they're an important part of the day! I do however recommend limiting the amount of them that you have. They can be pretty time consuming sometimes, and we want to get you back to your guests and enjoying the day.

Can we use our wedding photos on social media?

Yes! There's no funny contract rules that stop you from posting your pics. You can put them online and spread the love. Go for it!

Do you have backup equipment?

Yep, loads of it. Throughout the day I shoot on two cameras, both with backup cards in them, so everything is safe. In my bag will be two back up cameras, loads of lenses, stacks of batteries, and more memory cards than I can count. It's all covered, don't you worry!

Will you visit the venue before the wedding?

No. Now, hear me out. . .

So much can change between my initial visit and your wedding day. If the weather changes, the light changes. If the season is different, the grounds look different.

A pre planned route for your photos kills creativity. And we don't want that!

On the morning of the wedding I'll of course go for a look around to scope out some potential spots, but a full visit before the wedding isn't always for the best.