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Ok, so this is a totally selfish one from me...but hear me out!

Before I start banging on about this stuff, please remember to take it all with a pinch of salt and just do your own thing. I want your wedding to have your stamp all over it and to truly represent you, and your decor choices are a great way to put your personality into your wedding and truly make it your own.

I'll keep this one short...

Whatever you decide to go for (particularly with your table centre pieces and ceremony decor), just think about the size of it and whether your guests will be able to see you in the ceremony, or other guests across the table. 

Occasionally, centre pieces are so big in the middle of the table, that it's impossible for guests to talk to each other. It's also a bit of a nightmare during speeches to get lots of candid/documentary pics (I told you it was a bit of a selfish one!) as some decor is absolutely massive.

Again, have whatever you want to have! But just bare in mind the practicalities of your decor and whether it'll hinder the experience for your guests...and maybe your photographer too*

*I promise I'm kidding, you do whatever you wanna do!

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