The First Dance

Do we really need to do one?

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Put simply, no. You don't need to do one.

The thing is, you don't need to do anything. If you don't fancy it, just don't do it! Some people are worried that they're going to just awkwardly shuffle in front of everyone and they think it'll look weird. The truth is, it probably feels weirder in your own head and you're worried about what other people think. In reality, they're probably not thinking anything at all other than 'when is the DJ gonna play some bangers?'

Some people looovvvveee it! Whether it's a full on choreographed dance, or just a little shuffle between the two of you. For some people it's a really nice moment that finishes all of the formalities or structured parts of the day. 

You might decide that you don't want to do one, but you do want a way to open up the dance floor. There's so many options from setting off confetti canons, having the bridesmaids/groomsmen pairing up around you to open up the dance floor with you, or just asking the DJ to make an announcement.

However you feel about it, just remember you don't need to do one, or anything at all that you don't fancy doing. I'm in no way trying to influence you or sway you either way! (I promise!) But what I do want you to do is do the things that make you happy, and to have the wedding you really want. And if that doesn't include a first dance, then who cares?!

This doesn't end with the first dance...

Remember, you don't have to do annnnyyyytthhiiinnng that you don't want to do. Just because everyone else did it, or because everyone thinks you should do it, doesn't meant you to.

Don't wanna cut a cake? Don't.

Don't wanna do group shots? You don't have to.

Wanna see each other before the ceremony? Do it.

Your day. Your way.

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