100 Barrington Road: Abi + Mike

Check these two superstars out! This was a belter of a day. Two dreamboats, one banging venue, and the best city in the world! What else do you want?!

The day started of in Brixton, South London, at the amazing 100 Barrington Road. This venue is a dream, and there’s so much to work for your pics! It was a freezing cold December day, so we had to move quickly to stop poor Abi from freezing, but we managed to get her through the day in one piece!

We made the most of everything the venue had to offer, before heading off in the car for a quick walk around South Kensington to grab a few more snaps of the happy couple. I love these elopement wedding kind of shoots. Just a bride and groom…and me following them with a camera. It’s stripped back and simple, love it!

I won’t bang on for too long about this day, I’ll let the pics do the talking. Can we do this all again please guys?!