01 - I'm a big vinyl fan...it's getting out of hand.

02 - I play guitar + drums...badly if you ask my wife.

03 - I love sweets far too much. Please bring Fruit Pastilles to your wedding!

04 - Cat fan...sorry doggos!

05 - I love live music more than life itself!

06 - Days off are spent at the basketball court.

Jenny Tom Unsharp 67

My style.

What's my style?! Well I guess it's a little mix of these:

Untraditional, candid, alternative, modern, informal.

I want to bring the best out of you for your pics, I'll be your biggest cheerleader on the day and get you guys looking amazing.

But, don't you worry, there won't be any poses that make you cringe,  I won't ask you to say cheese, and I'm not going to try and turn you into models.

We'll keep everything as natural as we can, whilst still making you two look as cool as you like! 90% of the day for me is spent documenting the day, snapping away in the background and capturing all the moments that you might miss whilst you're having fun.

I'm a big fan of breaking traditions at weddings. Couples that do things their own way get a big thumbs up from me! I love weddings that are alternative and untraditional, so let's break some rules!

So, if you're wedding is colourful, individual, fun, loud, weird, alternative, then I wanna hear about it!

Whether it's a disco themed dance-a-thon in London, an adventure elopement to Tuscany, or a garden party that'll finish at 5am, I want to be there!