Browning Bros – Chalkney Water Meadows: Claire + Dan

I’d been looking forward to this one for a looooong time, and it did not disappoint! Not one little bit. . .

Firstly, Chalkney Water Meadows is bloody brilliant. Secondly, Claire and Dan put so much effort into making this day look amazing. It couldn’t have looked any better! I love live music and going to festivals, but due to being so busy with weddings in the summer I rarely get to go, but this wedding gave me a little slice of Glastonbury!

I started my day with Claire and her bridesmaids, tucked away around the back of the venue in a lodge, in a forest, with a hot tub. What else could you want?! Meanwhile, Dan was getting suited and booted and was ready to go. The guests were arriving, the suppliers had finished setting up, it was ceremony time!

The ceremony was stunning, taking place outside on the pontoon by the lake. After some initial nerves, these two flew through the ceremony and were soon smiling away as they made their way back up the aisle. It was time to get WedFest well underway! 

The guests got stuck into some beer pong and ice cream, and the musicians started to play, whilst me and the newlyweds went for a quick walk around the grounds to grab a few snaps. There’s so many spots to work with at Chalkney Water Meadows, I could’ve kept taking pics for days!

After some group shots and time with guests, we made our way inside for speeches and dinner. Lots of laughs and plenty of raised glasses later, we wrapped up the speeches. There was no stopping these guys and their guests from enjoying this day and the weather, and they soon started to make their way back outside into the sun.

After a quick dress change from Claire, and Dan had ditched the tie, we grabbed a few more snaps! There was plenty more beer pong, and a handful of smoke bombs too, before we made our way back inside for the first dance. The guests didn’t hang around in joining them, and we soon had a full dancefloor!

The sun was just starting to set outside, so we popped back out to make the most of golden hour. I thought this would be the final couple of snaps of the night, but a surprise MC had been booked and the dancefloor was going offffffffff! I couldn’t leave now! The dance floor was bouncing, and it got pretty sweaty in there!

As I said my goodbyes and started to leave, I saw the pontoon, where it all began, lit up in fairy lights. I knew we had to get that one final shot! That was my final frame of the night.

This wedding festival was everything I could have hoped for, and so much more! I bloody loved this one. Big congrats guys!