Chelsea Old Town Hall / Somerset House: Lizzie + George

This one had a little bit of everything! All of the best bits of a wedding day were here. We had big energy, bold colours, bags of love and laughs, the best guests and the loveliest couple in London!

The day started for me in West London at The Old Chelsea Town Hall. A big ol’ green London bus soon arrived bringing the guests and our groom to the ceremony, soon followed by a black cab with our bride. We made our way inside, ready to say some “I do’s”…

The ceremony was full of big laughs and big love, and we soon had two newlyweds with maaassssive smiles on their faces walking back up the aisle! The guests were soon gathering on the steps outside for an absolute beast of a confetti throw. If you wanna get your confetti shot right, do what these guys did and get loooooaaaddss! If you think you’ve got enough confetti, get some more. Then buy a little bit more. Then one more bag….then one more. The more confetti you’ve got, the better it’s gonna look. I promise!

My favourite weddings are the ones where people do things their own way. They don’t stick to the norm. They go super untraditional. And these guys did just that! We weren’t heading to a bog standard wedding venue for a formal 3 course meal followed by a cheesy DJ set. Oh no, we were hopping back on the bus, having a mini tour of London, jumping on and off for some pics along the way, and then heading to Somerset House for lunch! It was peeerrrfffecct! The weather wasn’t quite on our side, but that didn’t matter, those smiles were going nowhere.

The bulk of the day for me is spent documenting the wedding. Capturing the day as it unfolds with lots of candid snaps, so you can relive the story later on. And this day gave me so much opportunity to do that. I’m a big people watcher, so I like to give my couples lots of time with their guests, whilst I sit back and watch everything that’s going on, looking out for all those little moments to capture that you might otherwise miss. Documentary photography is always my favourite, those are the photos that tell the story of the day, and the ones I think people will treasure the most.

Up next we were back on the bus (which had turned into a party bus by this point!), heading to Camden to the Lock Tavern for the evening. It was time to paaaarrrttyyyy! Camden has been one of my favourite places for years and years. I love the alternative vibe, and an alternative style wedding here is definitely for me! The Lock Tavern is an amazing pub too, and perfectly fitted the vibe that these guys were going for. So, we decided that once the rain had stopped we were going to make the most of this brilliant place and we headed outside for a few quick snaps in the road, before I let these guys go in and dance the night away with their friends and family.

I honestly had a blast at this one. These guys were amazing, and I absolutely loved being part of their day. It had a bit of everything! London weddings will always be special for me. I grew up in London and I honestly think it’s the best city in the world. So when London is the backdrop of your wedding day, you can’t go wrong! Whether it’s an intimate city elopement, or a full blown shindig, you’re gonna have a ball.

Big congrats guys!