Colchester Town Hall Wedding: Becky & Adam

They made it! After four wedding dates, Adam and Becky managed to pull it off and were finally husband and wife! After their big day was postponed until 2021, they changed their minds and decided to bring it forward for an intimate wedding in November…then lockdown 2.0 was announced. But that wasn’t going to stop these two, and within 24 hours, after several frantic emails, texts and phone calls, everything was rearranged and ready to go! LOVE. WINS.

I started my day with Becky, getting ready at home with her nearest and dearest. The dress was hanging up, the bows were tied to the car, it was nearly time to get going! Just up the road was Adam with his boys getting suited and booted. It wasn’t long before we were hopping in the car and making our way to Colchester Town Hall, where family and friends were waiting for us to arrive.

The ceremony was beautiful, emotional, and there were a couple of laughs too. We stayed at the town hall for a short while for a few snaps before making our way up to Colchester Castle Park for a few group shots and to throw the confetti before we let the guests go and get warm. That left me, Becky and Adam to go for a little wander around the grounds to grab a few snaps. The grounds looked amazing and autumnal and we braved the cold to make the most of it!

After, we met up with some family for a quick cake cut, a glass of bubbly and a catch up. The sun was soon going down and we still had time for a few more snaps, so we made our way to the Chappel Viaducts for a few night time pics. Armed with flashes, torches and even a couple of ladders, we managed to get a final few photos before I left the newlyweds to it. 

I couldn’t be happier for these two. After such a stressful time they managed to pull off the most amazing wedding. These micro weddings have shown what’s really important about your big day, and these guys persevered and got married for all the right reasons. Love wins, not covid.

Congrats guys…