Fennes: Charlie + Carl

It was back to Fennes for me! I love this venue, and with this crowd I knew I was going to be in for a good day. . .

When I arrived, Charlie was upstairs with her bridal party, popping bottles of fizzy stuff and getting ready. Meanwhile, Carl and the boys were getting ready in The Granary. They were soon suited and booted, and the girls were in their dresses. Time to get married!

The ceremony went without a hitch, and you couldn’t wipe the grins off of these two’s faces! We whisked them off for a couple of quick snaps so they could have a moment to themselves before we let them go and mingle with the crowds.

We soon jumped into the group shots and dashed off to squeeze in one or two more pics of the happy couple before we made our way inside for dinner and speeches. There were lots of laughs, a few tears, and plenty of red faces (mainly Carls!) too throughout the speeches. 

When we came out, the sun was just starting to dip, so we made our way to a nearby field for a few quick snaps to make the most of the last bit of light. You can’t beat that evening light!

Next up, cake cut and first dance! The second the first dance was over, the guests jumped onto the dance floor and they didn’t leave all night. Sister Sax was there to keep everyone entertained, and the dance floor was heaving! Just the way it should be.

Big congrats guys!