Time for some confetti chat!

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Doing confetti? Go biiiiiiggg!

The best confetti shots happen when you've got bloomin' loads of it. It fills the image with colour, and it's loads more fun! That fun will come across in your photos, I promise.

When you're searching for inspo for your wedding pics, when you find confetti shots, have a think about what it is you actually like about that photo. I promise you, it won't be the small amount of confetti they've used. 

The more confetti you have, the more impactful the photo will be. The same goes for sparklers! If you're thinking about having a sparkler tunnel, buy extra sparklers and buy sparklers that have the longest 'burn time' on them as well. And don't forget lighters either! You'll need plenty of those too.

Flutter Darlings! My personal fav

Flutter Darlings are my personal favourites for confetti. It's big, round pieces of paper, so it shows up well in your photos. It doesn't get lost in the background of the pics, and it floats in the air for days! 

You can pick your mixture of colours, and either buy it in bags or have custom confetti canons made for you.

You'll find some pieces of Flutter Darlings confetti in your welcome pack. If you like what you see, head over to their website and use the code DAVIDDEAN at the checkout to get 15% off of orders over £25

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Confetti tunnel? Confetti arch?

The next thing to think about, is how do you want to stand? Do you want your guests lined up so you can walk through the middle? Or do you want them to surround you in a semi circle and throw the confetti all at once?

There's no right or wrong answer, it's just down to your preference. With a 'tunnel' for you to walk through, you'll get more pics as you walk towards me. With the semi circle of guests, you get less photos, but because everyone is throwing their confetti at the same time, it's a higher impact photo with much more confetti in the shot.

Totally up to you! Just something to think about.

Bonus Tip: Embrace it! It's tricky, people are throwing loads of stuff at you. Your natural reaction is to either look down or shield your face. But try not to, try to stay looking up, try to keep smiling, and try to keep your eyes open!