Ye Olde Plough House: Rebecca & Chris

It was Chris and Rebecca’s big day! After Covid had other ideas for their dream wedding in Vegas, they managed to book and organise their big day within about 6 weeks! And what a day it was…

I found Rebecca at at Ye Olde Plough House getting ready with her nearest and dearest, and just a few rooms over Chris was getting suited and booted too. Everyone was pretty chilled out, no major nerves, just relieved to have finally made it to the big day!

We were soon ready for the ceremony. Chris was at the front, the Zoom chat was up on the iPad, and there were masks all over the place. The ceremony was short and sweet and went without a hitch, we soon had two newlyweds celebrating and making their way back up the aisle!

We were losing the light outside super quick, so we had to get going with their pics as soon as we could. We went for a quick walk around the grounds of Ye Olde Plough House and got as many shots as we could before we lost the light completely. I’ve worked at the Plough House countless times and it always amazes me how many different spots there are that I’ve never used before for photos. Even if you do use the same spot, it looks totally different as the seasons change. What a venue!

After a quick cake cut and an amazing dinner, we made our way outside for a few more snaps and a quick sparkler tunnel to wrap the day up. I left the happy couple with their guests to enjoy the night.

These micro weddings have been so amazing. They just go to show that you don’t need the big fancy stuff at your wedding, as long as you have what’s important.

Thanks for having me along as your wedding photographer.

Big big congrats guys!