Offley Place: Gulcan + Saki

It was finally time for Gulcan and Saki to tie the knot! This wedding was an absolute belter, packed with big laughs, great guests, good vibes, and an amazing mix of Greek and Turkish traditions in a modern stunning wedding.

I met Gulcan at a wedding fair a year or so before the big day, where she’d been dragged along and was third wheeling it. Little did she know she’d bump into me there! And I’m so bloody glad she did, because this wedding was a stone cold banger!

The day started for me at the amazing Offley Place, where I found Gulcan and her gang getting ready. Everyone was pretty chilled and there was good vibes in the room, so I left them to it for a bit. After a quick chat with Nicola, the wedding planner, about the day and everything we had coming up, I made my way over to see the boys and how they were getting on. Needless to say, the bubbles were flowing and they were having the morning of their lives!

Soon though, it was time for the “I do’s”… The ceremony set up was stunning, and I loved the ceremony room at Offley Place too. There’s so much light flooding in through the windows, and the brick wall backdrop works beautifully too. We soon had two newlyweds on our hands, making their way back up the aisle and ready for the party of their lives.

But first! CONFETTI! And I don’t just mean a bit of confetti, this was loooooooaaaads of it! I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… You can NEVER have enough confetti! Get loads of it. If you think you’ve got enough, get more. If you’ve done that, get another handful! For the best confetti shots, you need loads of confetti. Also, go big! Get big pieces of confetti if you can. The bigger, paper pieces float for longer, they fill the frame, and they often come in great colours. Which leads me onto my next point… COLOURS! Don’t be afraid of it, it’s your friend. Get some colourful confetti, you won’t regret it! These guys followed the rules. Big pieces, bold colours, and most importantly, there was LOADS of it!

Once we’d covered these two completely and then picked it all out of their hair, we jumped into a few group shots. This lot were lively, and we had a lot of fun doing these groups! Your group shots don’t have to be stuffy, boring and formal, we can have some fun with them too!

We’d soon wrapped all of the group shots up and jumped into a few snaps of the happy couple. We spent a bit of time making the most of the grounds at Offley Place, but soon had these two back to their guests and enjoying their day. After a while we were making our way back inside for dinner and speeches, but not before these guys made their big entrance!

Once these guys had started the party with their entrance, there was no stopping them. They barely ate dinner, and everyone just about sat still for speeches, but as soon as these were out of the way… DANCEFLOOR BAAABBBYY!!

I was with these guys all night, and the dancefloor wasn’t empty once. They were busting shapes all night! We managed to sneak off for a couple more photos later on in the evening, before heading straight back onto the dancefloor where all the action was.

This one was a blast from start to finish, and I had a ball with these two and their guests.

Thanks for having me guys, and big congrats to both of you!