Natural wedding photo of the bride and groom walking in a forest

Candid Wedding Photographer

Natural wedding photo of bride being walked up the alley

Taking candid wedding photos is one of my favourite approaches to wedding photography, I'll take your photo how I'd want mine to be taken. . .and I hate having my photo taken. There's no awkward posing or anything cheesy. I'll just ask you guys to chat away, be smiley, and maybe pretend to laugh at my jokes occasionally.

I also don't believe in taking you away from your guests for an hour-long shoot and keeping you away from the party. After the ceremony, we'll do a quick 10-15 minute shoot, then maybe another 5 minutes after dinner for some sunset pics, and then a quick couple of nighttime snaps if you fancy it. That's all you need!

My approach is honest and natural. You should have fun at weddings so you don't need to be a stern leader. Enjoy every moment of your wedding day and be true to yourself!

My goal is for my clients to be able to recall their wedding and not the time they spent with the photographer. My passion is to ensure that my clients get candid wedding photography that tells the story of their day.

Candid photographer

"What can I say… David was bloody brilliant! The photos are phenomenal"

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Hiring a candid wedding photographer is one of the best ways to preserve the authentic flavor of your wedding. The best candid wedding photographers use high-end cameras and the latest techniques to capture candid moments. They also pay attention to every detail and emotion of the event. They are experienced enough to capture the best moments and will assist you throughout the photoshoot.

An experienced candid wedding photographer will eliminate the annoying flash photography that can blind brides and grooms. Their sophisticated gear and lenses ensure that they capture every precious moment of your big day. A professional will also ensure that the photos are preserved forever. They'll edit them and keep them in a safe place.

A candid wedding photographer will make you feel more comfortable around the photographer. It's vital to feel at ease around the photographer on your big day. If you're tense around the photographer, you'll probably end up with photos that make you look awkward. A good photographer will make you feel at ease and cooperate with you naturally. He or she will also be an inspiration for your day.

"The photos are amazing! You seem to have been in about 10 places at once!"



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Candid Wedding Photography Prices

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Each wedding gets my full attention. I can only handle 30 per year. You can book dates up to two years in advance.

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Pricing for me to be your candid wedding photographer starts at £1950


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