Welcome to the club!

You're in! You're booked! You're part of the gang.


This is a secret page, just for you guys. You'll find some helpful blogs, recommended suppliers, and even a few discount codes too.

 So, let's dive right in.

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So, what happens now?!

You're booked in! You can just chill, relax, and enjoy the rest of the planning.

This page will give you a guide as to what the next steps are, and the rest of your journey as part of this club!

Recommended Suppliers

These are just some of my favourite people that I've worked with over the years at weddings. So, if you're looking for some cool people to make your wedding bloomin' brilliant, check these guys out!

I'll keep this page updated as I work with more suppliers that I love, so keep checking back.

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Blogs! Need some inspo? Look no further...

There's a few blogs here that you might find handy. From wedding decor advice, to confetti choices, all the way to 'how important is a first dance?' It's all here!

Again, I'll be adding more here over the months. So if there's any particular topic you would like tackled, just let me know!

Discount time!

Who doesn't love a cheeky discount?! 

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Flutter Darlings Confetti

The BEST confetti in the biz.

Use code DAVIDDEAN for 15% off of orders over £25


R and R Weddings and Events

Want your wedding to look sick? Looking for something cool and untraditional? Look no further

Use code DAVID10 for 10% off of all packages.



Take a peek at the blogs, featuring wedding's I've photographed throughout Essex and beyond. 
Or for a selection from across these weddings, you can view the portfolio page here.